About IslamFYI

Islam For Your Information (IslamFYI) is a project out of Princeton University’s Muslim Life Program in the Office of Religious Life. The goal of the website is to serve as an educational resource on Islam for the public.

IslamFYI’s content is produced by Muslim students and alumni of Princeton University and is overseen by Imam Sohaib Sultan who serves as the Muslim chaplain on campus. The content on the website offers insight on how Muslims see and articulate their religion to build bridges of understanding based on accurate information. IslamFYI does not seek to proselytize or engage in divisive partisan politics.

Islam Essentials introduces readers to central teachings and concepts of Islam including an explanation of the religion’s sacred sources, basic theology and worldview, religious practices and ethics, spirituality, and history.

Hot Button Issues features original essays that explain some of the most controversial, contentious and misunderstood aspects of Islam. Buzz words that appear in the media and in political discourse often, such as jihad and shari’ah, are clarified.

Your Questions is ISLAM FYI’s answers to the questions posed by you – the public – about Islam and Muslim practices. We invite you to ask your questions. We will respond in a timely manner and post our response on the website.

Media Check is an attempt to correct biased media narratives that cast Islam in an unfair light or advance misperceptions that are based on half-truths if any truth at all.

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Through ISLAM FYI you can also go offline to connect with an actual living, breathing Muslim or Muslim family. Simply tell us the zip code where you live and what questions you’re interested in exploring. We will try our best to connect you with someone you can meet in a public space to ensure everyone’s safety or introduce you to a pen pal with whom you can have continuing dialogue via e-mail.

Enjoy the site, visit us often for new essays and videos, and recommend us to others!